Batch 34 Of Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form Is Out

Batch 34 Of Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form Is Out

Batch 34 Of Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form Is Out

Batch 34 Of Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form Is Out The Nigerian navy wishes to inform the general public that the online registration for Nigerian Navy Recruitment will commence on Sunday which is equivalent to 7th of August 2022 and will also close on Saturday 17th of September 2022.

Applicants are to come alone with photocopies of their credentials and also the online forms printed in due time when the examination will commence. And the following forms will also be considered:

  • Certificate by guardian or parent
  • Local government certificate
  • Officially guarantor form

The examination is nationwide of which the date has not yet been fixed.

Multiple registration will be terminated

Procedure for submission of your recruitment form

  • Login to the portal at
  • Click on the category you want
  • Put your functional phone number and email address
  • Fill the form neatly and correctly
  • Finally, you submit it and then print the online form

NB: The Nigerian Navy Recruitment if free Online.

  Wish you the best of luck. Thank you.

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  • Must be a citizens of Nigeria.
  • Must be free from any criminal conviction.
  • Must be single, No wife or Children
  • Free from any of the following medical/physical challenges such as: poor eyesight, ear infection or any physical defect
  • Height of the Applicant must be 1.69 meters and above for males and 1.650 meters and above for females.
  • For School Certificate holders:  Applicants must be between the ages of 18 – 22 years
  • For Higher Qualification: Applicants must be between the ages of 18 – 26 years.
  • You are required to possess one of the following educational qualifications.
  • NECO
  • WAEC
  • WASSCE (Not more than two sittings)
  • GCE
  • OND
  • Qualification equivalent to those mentioned above
  • Primary school leaving certificate
  • NIN
  • Entry requirement into the following categories is SSCE with the following grades: A5, B1, B2, B3, C1, D1, D7, E2, E3, E4, F1.

Educational Requirements for Entry into Each Category.

  • You are not allowed to apply with any other qualification higher than the one stated above.
  • False document are not allowed.
  • Certificates or qualifications not declared and accepted during the Recruitment exercise are not acceptable after recruitment and can not be tendered for the purpose of change of department or advancement while already in the Nigerian Navy. Only qualifications obtained under proper service provisions are acceptable while in the Nigerian Navy.
  • You are required to bring Parent consent Form and Local Government Authentication Form which must be properly completed, endorsed, and presented during the interview.
  • You must come to the recruitment centres with the following documents.
    • a. Birth Certificate
    • b. Credentials.
    • c. Identification Form signed by Chairman or Secretary of the Applicant’s LGA
    • d. properly completed Parent Consent Form signed by Applicant’s Parent.
    • e. Four (4) passports properly signed and stamped at the back  by Chairman or Secretary of the Applicant’s LGA.
    • f. You are to bring the scratch cards of your NECO and WAEC results to the recruitment centres.
  • You are to complete and submit the form online.
  • You will be disqualified from the recruitment exercise If you are suspected or confirmed to have impersonated, falsified, forged document(s) and handed over to the police for prosecution.
  • You will be notify if the recruitment Aptitude test is ready.

CATEGORIES – Batch 34 Of Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form Is Out

  1. A 1 – Marine Engineer Artificer (MEA)
  2. A2 – Weapon Electrical Artificers (WEA)
  3. A3-Aircraft Engineering Artificers (Airframe Engine)
  4. A4 – Aircraft Engineering Artificers (Avionics & Aircraft Electrics, Electrical / Electronics) (AEA-AA/EEE)
  5. A5 – Shipwright Artificers (SHIPA)
  6. B1 – Marine Engineer Mechanics (MEM)
  7. B2 – Weapon Electrical Mechanics (WEM)
  8. B3 – Automobile Mechanics (AM)
  9. C1- Communications
  10. C2 –Computer
  11. C3 – ICT

Industrial credentials in one of the areas below shall be considered:

  • a. Database.
  • b. Computer-Aided Design.
  • c. Computer Maintenance.
  • d. Networking.
  • e. Website Management and Development.
  • f. Coding.
  1. D1 – Seaman
  2. D2 – Survey Recorders
  3. D3 –Sports Men and Women
  4. D4 – Physical Training Instructors
  5. D5 – Chaplain Assistants
  6. D6 – Mosque Assistants
  7. D7– Firemen
  8. E1 – Writers
  9. E2 – Store Assistants
  10. E3 – Caterers
  11. E4 – Ordnance
  12. E5 – Project Technicians
  13. F1 – Medical Assistants
  14. F2 –Health Technicians

The Technicians below are under F2:

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  • Biomedical Engineering Technician.
  • Dental Surgery Assistant/Dental Health Technician.
  • Dispensing Optician Technician.
  •  Environmental Health Technician.
  •  Medical Imaging/X-Ray Technician.
  •  Medical Laboratory Technician.
  •  Medical Records Assistant/Health Information Management Technician.
  •  Pharmacy Technician.
  • Physiotherapy Technician.
  • G – Bandsmen
  • H – Drivers/Mechanics
  • J – Journalists
  • K – Nurses
  • N – Education

Educational requirement – Batch 34 Of Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form Is Out

Minimum of OND Lower Credit in Marine or Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Electronic Engineering with 5 credits at SSCE or equivalent which include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as well.

Qualification in Diploma in Airframe engine and Aircraft Electrics with 5 credits as SSCE which include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as well.

Minimum of SSCE in Fireman, Caterers, Drivers Bandsmen, Ordnance, Medical Assistants, Writers, Store Assistants Marine Engineer Mechanics, Seaman, Weapon Electrical Mechanics, Automobile Mechanics and Communications with 5 credits which include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as well. Athletics should also posses SSCE and talent in sport, and physical training instructor, complain assistants as well, Mosque Assistance which include Arabic, Islamic Studies and English Language.  

Minimum of OND Lower Credit in Project Technicians, Journalists Health Technicians, Computer Science and Microsoft Office, ICT, Land Survey and Geographic Information system with SSCE or equivalent with 5 credits English Language, Mathematics, Physics and Geography or Technical Drawing, while that of computer science it include English Language and Mathematics and that of ICT it include English Language, Mathematics, and Physics and computer literacy is also important

Qualification in RN for Nurses with 5 credit in SSCE which include English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry

NCE in Arts/Science/Technical subjects with 5 credits which include English Language and Mathematics.


Whoever wish to apply should visit and its free of charge

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